PARTNERS, links to the internet sites of our main providers

ONLINESTORE One of the best e-commerce sites in Italy where you can find products Coolors.
KEIHOME Keihome E-commerce offers furniture, giftware and household appliances.
The producer site Bosch that provides to our company the fridges to decorate. From September 2009 we have the release form for paint on Siemens Appliances
SMEG The site of the Italian company that provides us with 2014 combined refrigerators and refrigerators 4 doors.
WHIRLPOOL The american fridges (Side By Side) and the 70 cm double door samples, are supplied from the multinational company Whirlpool. Side By Side
HAIER ITALIA The Haier Group, Pechin Olympics Games official sponsors , home appliances fourth worldwide producer, with 50.000 employees and 240 affiliate companies, locate worldwide with a stock product varieties like home appliances, televisions, DVD, mobile phones and air-conditioners. Haier Italian produce and Bosh provide combined fridges decorated by Coolors proposed on the site under PRODUCT section.
FABITA Cooker hob for kitchen and processing by Inox.

PRESS, about us

DECORLAB.IT decorate furniture and furnishing accessories
LAVORIINCASA.IT Online magazine Custom your refrigerator.
100 IDEE PER RISTRUTTURARE Home decoration trand magazine page 82 with Coolors product.
ARREDAMENTOFACILE Tips on how to make your home unique. Restyling of the fridge.
MOBILPRO.ORG Site for Professionals and Enthusiasts furniture. Article about Coolors: Personalizzare la cucina e non solo...
PUBBLITEC Coolors Product on the cover of the magazine Pubblitec, specializing in Visual Communication. Article with interview "100% custom".
IO DONNA Io Donna is a specialized women's magazine combined with newspaper Corriere della Sera. Whirlpool regrigerator customized by Coolors.
AMBIENTE CUCINA Magazine for professionals design and decor specializing in trends and ideas for the kitchen; article about Coolors.
LUXE LIVING Hong Kong's magazine specialized in design; article about Coolors.
LA STAMPA Official website of daily italian newspaper La Stampa, about Home: refrigerator with style.
PUBBLITEC Magazine specialized in graphics. Article about interview with Sig. Francesco Fabiano, Company owner.
OUTLETARREDA The dedicate blog of the furniture market, with ideas, news and interest suggestions. On the coloured fridges page you can find some of our subjects.
BLOG ARREDAMENTO Suggestions and ideas to choose from furniture, colours environment and accessories to make your home beautiful. Our furniture fridges are displayed on this page. Inside the article "Goodbye tales: soon they will be arriving aerogrphic panels in the kitchen" you can find the Coolors panels.
BUILT IN Monthly brochure for all the retailers and kitchens manufacturer in italy who want new business opportunities from the recessed fridges giant industry, to the little home appliance for kitchen and accessories.
DESIGN TV.IT collects ideas, cues and stimulation's from the design environment (industrial design, graphic design, fashion design). Inside the article "Who says that the appliances has to be white?" They speak about Coolors products.
CASAMIA Magazine specialized in trends and ideas for the home furniture. This link at the article " Mixed technique on....fridge"!
MEGAMODO Specialized multiple thematic daily newspaper about fashion, trend and news.
FREE DESIGN From January 2009 we are present in the blog freedesign Creative, magazine on visual arts, illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, animation, as well as advertising, web design, fashion, photography, technology, and curiosity.
TRENDIR Home decoration trand magazine. Kitchen Decorating Ideas - Colored Kitchen Appliances by Coolors specializing in colored refrigerators, household furnishings, panels and customizations for the interior.
MEBELICA Russian portal dedicated to new creative ideas in the design.
BIT REBELS Bit Rebels, international Blog about design, technology and much more. In the blog section of design speaking of refrigerators colored by Coolors.
FOKIS Fokis is a popular Swedish blog that is all that is cool and fashion.
100% KITCHENS Russian magazine specialized about kitchens; Link at the article about colors refrigerators by Coolors.
LUXE LIVING 2010 Magazine specialized about appliances; article about us at page 7
Magazine specialized about appliances.
LA CASA ROSSA PAPAVERO Italian Blog specialized in new ideas for the home furniture; link to page about Coolors.
BAINHA COM ARAME Brazilian Blog specialized in new ideas for the home furniture; page about Coolors.